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Situated between the Hanseatic towns Deventer en Zwolle along the river the Ijssel lies the historical village Wijhe. It is accessible by car, train, bus ferry and various cycling and hiking routes.
At  the centre of Wijhe jou will find our B&B. Our  bed and breakfast is called the Otrabanda.
In Curacao this means "the other side ".This is because the entrance is in the Schelmspad wich is the othet side of the langstraat. The schelmspad is in the old part of the village which has been restored.

The apartments have a soft yellow tint and a large inner garden wich give a soutern ambience. This same atmosphere of rest can be found in the tastefully decorated apartments. Architectural elements from the past which were preserverd during the renovations lend a historical touch.

Salland Hospitality
In an oasis of rust one can find two apartments with sleeping accommodations for 2 to 4 persons.
Both have a seperate entrance, shower {bath linnen included}, toilet and central heating.
There is also television set, radio, regrigerator, coffee percolator and electric water kettle with free coffee and tea. Breakfast is served in jour room.
There is a parking space for 2 cars. biycles may be parked inside.
In good weather one can enjoy a lot of privacy in the garden.

Scenic Spots
In the picturesque village of Wijhe jou will find various cozy terraces and dining establishmments.
In the immediate area: various hiking and cycling paths among others, along the Ijssel and through the Duursche Waarden}. The Nijverdal is about 20 km. further.

At the Visitors Centre of the fores Conservations Office {Staatsbosbeheer} you will find information about the local plant and animal life. There are museums in Zwolle and Deventer, and there is the Anton Pieck Museum in Hattem.
In Wijhe itself, there is Kasteel het Nijenhuis, or Nijenhuis Castle, wich hold various exhibits. for informations and reservations.

Yours sincelery,

Familie Bentum
Langstraat 12
8131 BC Wijhe
Tel. 0570-524503
Mob. 06-51286791
Email yvonnebentum@hotmail.com

Why Wijhe?

* Authentiek dorp aan de ijssel
* Wandel & Fietsroutes (Hanze route)
* RecreŽren aan de IJssel
* Centraal tussen Zwolle en Deventer
* Gemakkelijk bereikbaar per bus en trein
* Natuurgebied "de Duursche Waarden"
* Landgoed "de Gelder"
* Oudheidskamer
* Gezellig dorpje
* Sallandse heuvelrug op 25 km afstand